testing services

Organizations are having challenge controlling costs and increasing application testing scalability. Everytime a new application is built or an enhancement is done to an exisitng application testing is a must, this takes part out of annual IT budget. Using our 5E methodology we focus on testing throughout the application development life cycle, not at the end of application development.

Our experienced testing professionals knows how to lead from the front and perform end-to-end quality, deliverying quality testing solutions at a cost-effective price. We perform quality control and quality assurance steps in each phases of application development life cycle. We integrate our 5E Methodology at every phases of development from Plan, Analyze, Design & Development, Test and Implementation.

Tech Talk Consulting not only helps you reduce cost and increase scalability but we also work very closely with you to automate your end-to-end testing processes. Define and develop quality strategy. We work hard to ensure your internal and external customers are happy with the quality deliverables and services you provide.

Our Testing service offerings include:

  • Testing Strategy & Assessment: Assists clients with end-to-end testing and quality assessment process, from planning through final recommendations.
  • Testing Automation: A robust set of tools and assets to consistently support the entire spectrum of automation-related testing activities.
  • Performance Testing: A wide range of strategic and tactical performance test services.
  • Testing Center of Excellence: We implement and operate a “Testing Center of Excellence” for clients, either at the enterprise level or within specific business units.